Have you ever wondered how some people have found an inherent happiness in their lives? How no matter what life throws at them they remain centered and capable?

Finding that kind of peace doesn’t come naturally to most of us. We work hard, love, and strive to find it, but too often it eludes us. Most of the time this is because we are fixated on specific portions of our life. We think that if we could just lose a few pounds all will be well. In fact, we must focus on our entire being. Mind – Body – Spirit as a whole contribute to our happiness and level of contentedness. It arms us with an ability to roll with the punches and be resilient when things in life are rough.

Stepping away from the immediate will enable you to evaluate which areas you need to evolve in. It will allow you to determine what steps you need to take to bring yourself into balance and which of those items are most pressing. None of us can operate out of balance forever. If we do, we find little happiness or peace.

The Mind encompasses two key aspects. The first is your emotional wellness. Emotional wellness requires you to understand your emotions and an ability to cope when problems arise. It is a fundamental building block to your overall feeling of happiness. Without analyzing and understanding how we react and cope we cannot hope to cultivate a sense of resilience.

The second aspect of the Mind is your intellectual wellness. This is the sense of curiosity and enthusiasm you have about new topics and experiences. When you are eager to learn, doors open to you that you didn’t readily see before. Awareness of new ideas enables you to incorporate them into your life. If you are rigid and unwilling to accept that there may be a better way to do things you will remain static. Embracing new ideas and ways of doing things will open a multitude of doors for you.

Body wellness is the focal point for many. When someone speaks of wellness most of the time, they are referring to physical appearance, specifically weight. Most begin their wellness journey here. However, even after getting to their desired weight, they still experience a level of dissatisfaction. They are still floundering. Other times, they find themselves stuck, unable to budge the scale in the direction they want to go. This is due to a lack of balance in other areas. You must get the inside right to exact change on the outside.  

Our Spiritual wellness is directly connected to the harmony between us and others. It is a sense of community and a feeling that we have a deep connection to those in said community. Feeling connected to those we spend most of our time with also bolsters our ability to look forward to social interactions instead of avoiding them. When on a wellness journey, it is important to find those interactions that are most rewarding to you. Those that make you feel heard and that you have a strong support system in place. Having support aids, you in keeping your eye on your goals and encourages you to stick with your plan when it gets hard.

Not every day on your journey will be a comfortable one. Journeys toward better well-being are rife with obstacles. We all have demons that drive us toward the negative behaviors that have bolstered our habits. It is important that we surround ourselves with cheerleaders that recognize that there is a great deal of vulnerability one must have to progress. It is my experience that allowing yourself to be vulnerable and honest with yourself and others is the biggest hurdle. It isn’t an easy task to let down your walls and open yourself to potential criticism and negative comment. But I promise if you do, you will find your people. People who share aspects of your story, your struggles, and your successes. Through community you can find solutions, not criticisms.